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Transformational Breath®

Our breath is the energy of life. It is as simple as that and yet many of us take how we breathe for granted. Many people breathe with shallow and restricted patterns, limiting the full potential of this energy of life. Consider the pattern of breathing as a metaphor of how we live our lives. As we restrict our breathing we restrict our lives. Changing  your breath can transform your life!


There are many breathing techniques but the most advanced and comprehensive from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective is Transformational Breath®. It is for everyone. It is safe and effective and the results are permanent. It is all about self-awareness, self-healing, and self-empowerment.

Benefiting all aspects of our Being

Image by David Hofmann


Most people take in a small percentage of their air capacity due to closed and restricted breathing patterns.  With Transformational Breath® we utilize the entire respiratory system and maximize respiratory capacity.  As we open and expand our breathing, not only do we have more energy, we also optimize our body's natural ability to function and heal itself.

Potential Benefits Include:

  • body awareness

  • more energy

  • better circulation

  • balanced energy flow

  • more oxygenation 

  • more detoxification

  • better health

Image by Tom Pumford


The Transformational Breath® process opens the door to integrate limiting beliefs, trauma, and suppressed or repressed emotions in a natural and safe way.  They are effectively and permanently entrained into a higher energy form without needing to recall the stories behind them.  We simply breathe and feel unconditionally to integrate.  Having integrated them, we can move forward in life with more ease, peace, and joy.

Potential Benefits Include:

  • emotional awareness

  • less stress, worry, and anxiety

  • insight to self-sabotaging patterns

  • clearing past traumas and dramas

  • more peace, ease, and joy

  • relieves depressive emotions

  • improves self-esteem

Image by Greg Rakozy


Clearing the subconscious of limiting beliefs, judgement, trauma, and suppressed/repressed emotions opens space to live in presence instead of from the past.  Presence in turn creates space to connect with our spiritual nature.  Spiritual awareness is embodied and brought to the conscious level. People often receive insight, clarity and spiritual gifts during and after breathing sessions.

Potential Benefits Include:

  • present moment awareness

  • deeper meditation

  • unity consciousness

  • stronger higher self connection

  • fuller expression of love and joy

  • miracle consciousness

  • spiritual growth

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