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Service Offerings


Private Sessions and Group events


Individual/Couples sessions are offered at my studio in Lake Forest Park, WA, typically in the afternoon or evening on weekdays, and on Saturdays between 9 am and 3 pm.  These sessions usually take around 90 minutes - we'll take time to catch-up and set an intention + 60 minutes of breath or sound + time to talk about your experience and answer any questions.  The first session may take 20 - 30 minutes longer as I introduce the concepts and benefits of Transformational Breath® or Gong Sound Energy.  Please contact me to schedule a session.

Private Events are typically held at your facility and may include corporate events, retreats, workshops, family events, etc..  Please contact me for pricing and details.

Public Events are listed on my Events page.  See a specific event for details and registration.  Please contact me if you're interested in offering any of my services at your studio or facility.  Listed price ranges are per person (pp).


To request a session or more information please use the form below or send me an email or text.


text/call: 616-916-4428

Purchase a package of three private sessions and save $50


Open up the restricted areas in your breathing pattern to experience the many benefits of Transformational Breath®.  We'll use a specific way of breathing along with intentions, invocations, positioning and movement, body mapping, affirmations, and toning to help improve your physical vitality, emotional/mental health, and spiritual connection.     Learn More

Transformational Breath®

Offered as:

  • Individual Session: $100

  • Couples Session: $150

  • Workshop Events


  Add-on Gong Sound Immersion      after Individual/Couples breath        session

  • 30 minutes + $50

  • 60 minutes + $90

Gong Event.JPG

Experience the ancient therapeutic sound of the mighty gongs that your body, mind, and spirit will really appreciate!  It can open pathways to relax, quiet your mind, balance energy, meditate, release emotional tension, have a spiritual experience, feel better, or just fall asleep.  Simply lie back and let the transformative sound of the gong meet you where you are and  take you where you need to go!

Gong Sound Immersion



Offered as:

  • Individual Session: $100

  • Couples Session: $150

  • Private Event: Get Quote

  • Public Event: $20-$35 pp


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